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37680 compositions, 226 for a month, 2346 composers, 28774 registered users. All compositions can be downloaded during membership for an ensemble to suit their own needs, to copy legally and to use, also for performances. All notes with single parts-playback, e.g., practicing choral parts.

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Sheet music for indidual instruments: piano solo, guitar solo, violin solo, etc.
Compositions for small ensembles, such as a piano trio or string quartet
Sheet music for large and small ensembles (band, orchestra, chamber music etc.)

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Sheet music for choir or solo voice a cappella
e.g. compositions for solo voice with piano accompaniment, or choir with organ and trumpet accompaniment, etc.
Compositions for voice acc. by larger instrumental ensembles, such as a solo voice or choir with orchestral
scores for ensemlbes with flexible instrumentations
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Junga, Wolfgang

My biography is composed of a set of different fields that sometimes seem to have their own dynamics while at other times are closely related. In addition to my family and career I have a group “callings” that make it difficult to simply define me according to my career, as is the custom in...

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Helmut Leim Organist und Chorleiter Bereich Südliche Weinstrasse Landau / Pfalz
website of the day
Chorleiter (alle Chorgattungen), Organist, Basssänger (Solistisch, Vokalquartett, Chorsänger)