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Event title: Help form bridges with the Diabelli Contest!
Date: 01/31/2017 Author: Gerhard Müllritter
Often we have been asked when the new Diabelli Contest will begin. We are very pleased for the active interest! We already know the theme and have a pledge from the star baritone Thomas E. Bauer to peform the nominated works during the final competition. An attractive backdrop for the final concert has already been prepared.
The competion forms bridges in the world. Themes will be collectively played which every cultural circle will perhaps treat differently. A wonderful kaleidoscope of various musical approaches is created and a comprehensive exchange of ideas and emotions. This makes the competition unique, exciting and extremely important in our world today.

Unfortunately we are still lacking the financial means in order to get the event up and running. In addition to the the voluntary work of the managing committee and many association members, approximately 30,000 Euros is required to finance the contest. Prize monies, travel costs, and accomodations for the nominated composers and musicians who perform as well as rental costs for the performance venue and technical aspects of the final concert are funded with this money. Currently we have collected 9,850 Euros.

We would really be pleased for your support! Any assistance including monetary donations would be very much appreciated.

Donation form:
Many thanks for your support!

Gerhard Müllritter
Diabelli-Contest e.V.

Certified non profit organization

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