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Event title: has received a new look
Date: 11/30/2016 Author: Gerhard M├╝llritter
Times and tastes change. We naturally want to keep current with the times and have refreshed Musicalion's appearance and user guidance. Not only a new logo and many small improvements have been implemented but also the user guidance has been modified. For example, we have attempted to incorporate with a minimal effort for the user all the important areas in a new menu.

Progressively we are placing your general search queries from the links of the search query results underneath the filter option of the ''simple search''. In most cases up to now the filtering was automatically provided based on the ''Detailed Search''. Although the detailed search is very powerful it also more complicated. We are hoping to provide you through these changes better support for quicker searches.

Simple Search:

Detailed Search:

We are always striving to improve the platform in terms of easy use and operability that allows even Internet beginners to easily navigate the site. Therefore, we would be very grateful for any information concerning difficulties which you may experience during the use of the Musicalion's website. I would appreciate and encourge you to provide any type of feedback. We take this very seriously!

Many thanks and best wishes


Gerhard M├╝llritter
and the team from

Total 55 News Pages: < 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 >