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Title Composer New composer -add Date Comment
super dixit maria Hassler, Hans Leo 07/19/2017
damigella tutta bella Monteverdi, Claudio 07/18/2017
il Gardellino Vivaldi, Antonio 07/18/2017
Der aufschwung Schumann, Robert 07/16/2017
Abendfrieden Schubert, Franz (Peter) 07/14/2017 Comments
Abendfrieden Schubert, Franz (Peter) 07/12/2017
Metodo di canto Vaccai/Vaccaj, Nicola 07/10/2017 Comments
Sonate f.Gambe und BC C-Dur Händel, Georg Friedrich 07/09/2017
Variationen Sehnsuchtswalzer Liszt, Franz 07/02/2017 Comments
6 Voluntaries Händel, Georg Friedrich 06/29/2017
festpräludium "großer gott wir loben dich" op 67 Herzog, Johann Georg 06/28/2017
In deo speravit Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel 06/27/2017 Comments
opus 29 Dvorak, Antonin 06/27/2017
o divine redeemer Gounod, Charles 06/25/2017
nocturne c -moll Chopin, Frederic 06/25/2017
Total 915 entries Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >
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Yan Mikirtumov was born in Moscow (Russia) in 1974. He started studying music at the age of 5 at the Moscow State Choir College of A. Sveshnikov. In 1997 he obtaining a Master degree as a Choir conductor, Singer and Professor at the Academy of Choral Art in Moscow with a thesis on "Genre of Passion...

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