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photo ellisj (09/01/2015 23:26:32)
I signed up hoping to find some music written for alto (or any F) recorders but I can't find any, only for groups but no solos. Am I not looking in the proper places?
photo dwsolo (10/28/2015 16:51:05)
I have written some but they are not on Musicalion at present.
If you visit my recorders page you can find some, includig score previews and mp3s
Kind regards
photo gerhard (10/30/2015 11:05:07)
We have 1769 compositions with only recorder in our sortiment:

52 are for solo recorder:

Unfortunatly we do not know in the database which is for alto recorder.

@David: Your music would be welcome at Musicalion! Please find further information under
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