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photo Sound-Guy (02/25/2016 22:59:58)
Does downloading both a PDF and a MIDI or XML file of one composition count as one or two downloads? Not sure that I'll really need more than 30 downloads a week, but wondered how they are counted. Fine site -- I've already found some fascinating historical compositions (such as Johann Walter's works) that I had not found elsewhere.
photo gerhard (02/29/2016 12:52:17)
Any download is counted per composition, not per file type. So if you have downloaded pdf, xml and midi of one composition, it was only one download. You may find your downloads here:
photo Sound-Guy (02/29/2016 18:10:48)
Thank you! I'm finding some really fine and rare compositions to explore. Great site!
photo gerhard (03/01/2016 12:27:58)
Great! Thank you!
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