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Provide your own sheet music to us and receive in return much more for free! Such members which are only downloading pay the service. That is the principle of If you produce your own musical work and publish it here you will benefit in two ways. As a composer you gain access to the wider public domain and as a musician you will be able to access a comprehensive collection of musical works.

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Your rights claims no exclusive rights to musical works or a percentage of payment for their performance. If you are a member of a copyright collective you will receive after a performance the full amount of royalties. Publication of your work with us simply enhances the probability that the musical work will be found and performed. 

What can be submitted?
The musical work must have been produced by you. The composer resp. writer is either yourself; has been deceased over 70 years, or you have the expressive permission of the composer. Please send us the following files. At a minimum: the original scorewriter file (Capella, Finale, Sibelius, PriMus, ABCPlus, Lilypond, Encore, GuitarPro, Forte, Lime or MuseScore). Ideally, in addition, send a PDF with the full score, a PDF for each single part, an XML file and a MIDI of the full score. This will ensure the maximum probability that an interested party uses your work. 

Translation service translates all information which are given from contributors in german language as well.

Every delivered page = 2 week membership
You will receive a 2 week membership for every submitted page from the entire musical score. Credit will be issued after publication. It is of no significance whether you submit your own composition or a copy of free work.

Each download = 5 Euro cent credit
For every download made by others which we register, you will receive a credit of 5 cents which may be redeemed in our online Shop. That may at first sound as not being much. It should however be noted that many downloads only take place in order to be able to better judge the musical work. That will also be included here. The calculation used for posting credit to an account will only be based on downloads during the the last 365 days, that is to say, the days which have passed since the last purchase. Older downloads will not be valid for posting credit to an account.  

Contribute sheet music now

Delivering sheet music utilizing Capella
If you use Capella software, you can use the following PlugIn in order to simplify uploading your musical work. Capella-PlugIn.

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Should you currently not have an account with Musicalion you can register free of charge. Simply enter the following voucher code: CONTRMUS123. You will then initially receive access without membership. As soon as you submit sheet music you will receive a corresponding membership/subscription.  To registration 

Additional questions? is committed to representing and providing you a suitable platform. For further queries, please contact us at: Gerhard Müllritter, +49 8091 53 89 678 or via the Contact form

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Title Composer New composer -add Date Comment
beim Holderstrauch Voklslied 07/25/2017 Comments
Sonata a tres en re menor Telemann, Georg Philipp 07/23/2017 Comments
Mirjams Siegesgesang Schubert, Franz (Peter) 07/22/2017 Comments
super dixit maria Hassler, Hans Leo 07/19/2017
damigella tutta bella Monteverdi, Claudio 07/18/2017
il Gardellino Vivaldi, Antonio 07/18/2017
Der aufschwung Schumann, Robert 07/16/2017
Abendfrieden Schubert, Franz (Peter) 07/14/2017 Comments
Abendfrieden Schubert, Franz (Peter) 07/12/2017
Metodo di canto Vaccai/Vaccaj, Nicola 07/10/2017 Comments
Sonate f.Gambe und BC C-Dur Händel, Georg Friedrich 07/09/2017
Variationen Sehnsuchtswalzer Liszt, Franz 07/02/2017 Comments
6 Voluntaries Händel, Georg Friedrich 06/29/2017
festpräludium "großer gott wir loben dich" op 67 Herzog, Johann Georg 06/28/2017
In deo speravit Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel 06/27/2017 Comments
Total 918 entries Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >