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Attenhofer, Carl -

Carl Attenhofer (1837-1914), Swiss composer and conductor, studied music with Daniel Elster at the Wettingen Seminary. From 1857-1858 he studied at the Leipzig Conservatory and there became friends with Friedrich Hegar. From 1859 on he taught voice and music in Muri, Switzerland and from 1863 on was conductor in Rapperswil, Switzerland. In 1866 his success in a choir festival won him an appointment as conductor of the Zürich Men's Choir. He also conducted various other choirs and from 1870 on was the music director of the University of Zürich. In 1896 his friend Friedrich Hegar obtained for him an appointment as second director of the Zürich Conservatory.

As a composer Attenhofer represents the Swiss choral tradition. His choral settings range from old-fashioned church music to folk songs.
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Total 1 Composition
Series: vocal music (secular), Theme: miscellaneous
Orchestration: Choir>TTBB, Difficulty: medium
Total 1 Composition