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Kissel, Norbert Send message

Norbert Kissel (1960) , teacher, school principal, church musician, and painter.
Studies as a teacher for music, Protestant religion and German as well as church music at the ''JLU'' (university) in Gießen, Germany. Organ student of Paul Brendel, Dr. Karl Tittel and Prof. Gottlob Ritter; piano under the direction of Gisela Distler-Brendel.
Organist at the ''Pfarrkirche'' (church) in Heckholzhausen (Westerwald), Germany.
Part-time organist and choir director at the ''Michaelskirche'' (St. Michael's Church) in Gießen-Wieseck, Germany, for the past 35 years.
Compositions: songs, canons,e.g. ''Lobe, den Herrn, meine Seele'', (''Praise the Lord. Oh my soul''), choir preludes, choir literature including ''Magnifikat'', ''Johannespassion'' , cantatas , molettes, and antiphones for the reading development at church services.
Emphasis: Easily performed choir and organ literature for part-time church musicians.
Arrangement of compositions from baroque, classic, romantic, and music notation (good legibility, simplified for playing).
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