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Kühn, Martin Send message

Martin Kuhn is the solo flutist of the Württemberg Philharmonie Reutlingen.
He studied flute at the Musikhochschule Karlsruhe with Prof. Renate Greiss-Armin.
He, himself, acquired the art of composing over years of active music making. As a result, he is open to all kinds of music. His special interest is in large symphonic orchestral music.

"Composing and arranging is my inner need. I write my music as I previously imagined in my thoughts and refine them later on the piano. When composing, I rely entirely on my musical feeling and my ears, since I (unfortunately!) never had the opportunity to enjoy studying composition and had only a rough overview of the theory. Therefore, modern theoretical composition techniques and constructed music are foreign to me. My music is well structured, has melody and harmony and reflects feelings, atmosphere and content so that they the can capture listeners, without having to read a 100-page manuscript. "
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Total 2 Compositions
Series: Contest, Theme: Contest
Orchestration: Choir>SSAATTBB, Difficulty: medium to hard
Series: Contest, Theme: Contest
Orchestration: Piano, Difficulty: medium
Total 2 Compositions