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Abreu, Zequinha de -

Zequinha de Abreu (b. September 19th, 1880 in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, Brazil; d. January 22nd, 1935 in São Paulo), also known as José Gomes de Abreu, was a Brazilian composer and instrumentalist.

Zequinha de Abreu began studying music at age six. He played the flute, clarinet and piano. Later he owned a drug store, served as mayor of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro and was a piano teacher.

His best-known composition, “Tico Tico no Fubá” has been performed by many musicians, including the organist Ethel Smith and the singer Carmen Miranda.
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Total 1 Composition
Series: Chamber Music, Theme: miscellaneous
Orchestration: Violin 2+Viola+Vlc, Difficulty: medium
Total 1 Composition