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Amon, Frank Send message

Born December 12, 1944, I grew up in Berlin. After having completed law school, I worked as a lawyer for many years but have retired by now. I’ve played music for a hobby (starting with clarinet and saxophone, then adding percussion, with jazz music as a focus) ever since attending school. Wrote my first compositions while still at school (one of my tunes titled “Lucky Chance” was recorded by pianist Eugen Cicero at that time). During my professional career, I didn’t spend that much time on my hobby. I’ve always loved music, though, and since I retired I’ve resumed composing my own music (and writing arrangements for music school bands). Some of my pieces have even been played at public performances in recent years. Still, music is “simply” a hobby to me.
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Series: Contest, Theme: Contest
Orchestration: Piano, Difficulty: medium
Total 1 Composition