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Bach, Johann Christoph -

Johann Christoph Bach, the oldest son of Heinrich Bachs, was considered early on in family tradition as the great genius before Johann Sebastian; in the family chronicle he is called the great and expressive composer and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach attested, that he was capable of being both gallant and singing, and placing uncommon full-consistency and has been beautifully distinct in inventing thoughts as well as expressing words. He was presumably instructed by the Arnstaedter choirmaster Jonas de Fletin, who as a pupil of Heinrich Schuetzre presented the ideal Italian and German traditions of a merging composition style. From 1665 on he was the town organist in Eisenach, Germany. His relationship with the town council was often strained, since they did not want to grant the necessary means for the repair of the organ and in addition, Bach often only being paid late. Also, the fact that the utter distress and the well-being of his children concerned him is illustrated in his writing to the town council: “Up to now when a quarter is missing I have to go after this money to be sent so often that I am ashamed"… and further... "because I do not know yourself how I should manage providing for and raising my children".
His notes for the reconstruction of the organ in the St. George Church in Eisenach are fully-preserved.
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Total 1 Composition
Series: Vocal music (religious), Theme: miscellaneous
Orchestration: Choir>SSATB+Basso continuo, Difficulty: medium
Total 1 Composition