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Obando, Luis Miguel Send message

My name is Luis Obando. I am Columbian and was born in the beautiful city of Cali. I am a lover of classical music and am a lyrical and musical theoretical tenor. I love every theme associated with counterpoint, classical and contemporary harmony, Greek-Modes, and choir polyphony. I enjoy studying these subjects and am fascinated by them. I am an active singer in several choirs in my city and I enjoy being a choir director. I believe in God as the supreme being and creator. He is the giver of all intelligence for the correct counterpoint effort in musical compositions. I am a great admirer of composers such as Händel, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schostakowitsch, Wagner, Brahms, Vivaldi, Orff, Pachelbel, Strauss, Diabelli, Mendelssohn ...I hope one day to reach the level of perfection of one of these composers. I would be very honored if you should select my composition among the finalists. I speak Spanish, Italian, English and some German. Thank you.
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Series: Contest, Theme: Contest
Orchestration: Choir>SATTB, Difficulty: easy to medium
Total 1 Composition