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Winters, Reiner Send message

Reiner Winters was born 1965 in Westerwald, Germany, and received his first piano lesson at the age of seven. He became a choir boy in the boys' choir of his local community at the age of nine. Already as a child, he displayed interest for composition and undertook many attempts in this skill. The first composition with his own distinct style was written at the age of sixteen. During his studies in physics, he was a musically active keyboard player, arranger and choir singer in different formations. After receiving his doctorate and entrance into professional life in the electronics industry, he applied himself increasingly to composition. Since then, he has been writing primarily for his ensembles ''In.fusion'' (1998-2006) and ''Ice Blue Orchestra'' (since 2008), with whom he has attempted a fusion of classical music with jazz and rock. He is also still active as a choir singer, besides being an ambitious long-distance runner. Reiner Winters is married and lives in Munich, Germany.
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Series: Contest, Theme: Contest
Orchestration: Choir>SSAATTBB, Difficulty: easy to medium
Total 1 Composition