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Gutiérrez, Carlos Send message

Carlos Gutierrez Quiroga was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1982. He completed his musical studies at the Music Career Loyola University and the Program Introduction to Music (PIM) developed by Native Instruments Experimental Orchestra (OEIN). His work is concentrated in areas such as teaching, composition, conducting, creating tools and research indigenous music of Bolivia. As part of the OEIN he has performed concerts on various stages of Bolivia and the world.

As a composer, and by working with the OEIN, his music has been performed in countries like Bolivia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and Canada
In the field of applied music, he composed the music for the Bolivian short Juku (Kiro Russo 2011) and the sound design and the original winning music for the Peruvian film Videofilia and other viral syndromes (JD Molero 2015) of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Thanks to these works he was invited to participate in the Berlinale Talents within the framework of the Berlin International Film Festival.
He is currently an instructor of PIM, named assistant of OEIN and director of two of his junior teams.
The experience of OEIN and the Masters Cergio Prudencio and Carlos Rosso strongly influenced in his growth.

• Siythü (2009) for female voices, toyos sikus, Wakapinkillus boxes chapacas, some instruments created especially for the work and staging. It composed especially for youth OEIN B.
• Wiiris (2011) Various instruments were created especially for the work also kill buzzers, flamboyant pods (natural rattles), and large pots are used. Composed especially for OEIN.

• Jintili (2012) for sikus special measure, tubes embedded with metal tabs and loofah. It composed especially for the Chamber Ensemble of the CERN.
• Interventions (2013) for 200 members of the CERN and different sound objects. Performance in highly frequented public spaces in the city of La Paz.
• Purple stone (2014) for string trio.
• Original music and sound design for the Peruvian film Videofilia and other viral syndromes (J.D. Molero 2015).

• Artifice (2015) Piece / sound play with narrator for kids. Was composed especially for youth CERN B.
• Ch'ipa (2015) for troop sikus complex built with tubes, 3 Tibetan bowls and seed pods percutidas jacaranda feet. Composed by order specially for the 35 years of CERN.

• Ch'ipa 2 (2015) electroacoustic piece in four custom channels created by the Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz
• Ch'ipa 3 (2015) Played 20 games and 20 plastic cells auquis fifes
• Li q'u (2015) for violin and piano. Custom duo composed Wapiti (Colombia-Canada)
• Momo (2016) Original adaptation of the work of Michael Ende Music by Octáfono Radio Company Theatre
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