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Burger, Michael Send message

Born on June 10, 1964 in Gummersbach/Oberberg County, North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. College Prepatory Studies (1983), Community Service, until 1986 incompleted studies in philosophy/education/German studies (Köln), later jobs and performed as a musician. Since 1994, reside in Köln and work as medical-technical laboratory assistant, married and have two daughters.
At the same time, I have always been an ''Inventor and Discoverer'' of many various forms of music.
Musician since 1975 (guitar, singing), E-Bass player since 1980, choir singer since 1997 (bass, deputy chairman of the chamber choir CANTAMO Köln
This is my first piece for choir which is motivated by the Diabelli-Contest for piano two years ago (IRINI Morse Theme) which I followed with great curiosity as a listener as well as by the current exciting choir project work comprised of 14 various composers (from North Rhine-Westfalia and beyond) whose commissioned works will be premiered as world's first performances during November in Köln.
Big thanks to the one and only „Pärt-Punk“ Piet van Helst for helping me with the use of forte7 :-)
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Total 1 Composition
Series: Contest, Theme: Contest
Orchestration: Choir>SSAATTBB, Difficulty: medium
Total 1 Composition