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Makri, Irene Send message

Irene Makri, is a musicologist, composer, musician and singer from Athens, Greece.
Born in 1992, she was introduced to the magical world of music since her early childhood.

Raised in a musical family, started her music education at the age of five when she studied piano and music theory, she is currently working towards a degree of Musicology at the Music Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Irene experiments with music technology by producing her own music, composing in various genres and writing lyrics in both Greek and English. She expresses her inner feelings and thoughts in her work but will not confine herself musically, she likes to think outside the box.

Having participated in several bands, choirs, concerts, projects, and also collaborated with foreign musicians, she collects different elements, vibes and idioms and combines them in a way that she creates her own music “mosaic”. She has composed children songs for education, sung and produced radio jingles, and taught music to children.

Her sensitive side produces delicate melodies and orchestrations which “embrace” the lyrics in her ballads, while powerful sounds express her “metal” side in her more aggressive music.

Her work reflects her artistic concerns in relation to her cultural roots with seeds from the ancient greek, byzantine and traditional music and language components.

Irene is open to any kind of artistic collaborations, she is longing for a chance to compose music for the theatre or film where she will have a chance to compliment the visual arts with her work and develop herself both as an artist and principally as a human being...

As Plato says “Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue”.
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