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Diabelli-Contest 2016

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To Whom It May Concern: Hello, my name is Stephanie Streseman. This is my setting of the Wessobrunner Gebet (Wessobrunn Prayer). Included are: the original Finale 2014 File, the PDF of the piece, and a MIDI file for the piece. Thank you for all of your time and consideration. Stephanie Streseman
Streseman, Stephanie: Diabelli-Contest 2016 - Choir>SSAATTBB Practice now!
Era:Musica viva
Performance:The performance of
this composition is
free of charge.
Included instruments:
  • Voice choir>alto voices = A (2)
  • Voice choir>bass voices = B (2)
  • Voice choir>soprano voices = S (2)
  • Voice choir>tenor voices = T (2)
Language in song:English
Quantity of pages: 15
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Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for sharing your piece with us. It is a bit challenging to hear the voice parts played on piano, because it is so much more a percussive instrument and the textures of the poem call for the vocal colors, which are, of course, more lyrical. Having said that, you melodic and harmonic choices are interesting going from the Medieval style to the more contemporary one. I wish you the best as you continue in your career!

Dr. Dom
Replies - 05/17/2016 03:50:11
I've just heard and seen your Finale score. You are using the setting Garritan Instruments for Finale. So you can export a wave file (file - export). Ths wave you can convert with a (free) converter to mp3.

I can hear that you are very talentet. The C# in the Bass 1, last bar, sounds good. I would prefer the wide range but it is a question which sound you want to produce. A third between bass 1 and 2 sounds darker than a fifth.

I also can sing all voices naturally. So everything is ok with the setting for me. The conductor decides about the tempo. If you write "Comodo" he can let the choir sing a little faster or slower than 80 bpm depending on how large the room is and so on.

In my study I also had to make an examen as a choirmaster and had to sing in a choir. So I think I know what I say here.

More important for me is how you interpret the lyrics also in reference to the musical era around 800 AD and in reference to our days. And I can only say: I really do love your work!

5 golden stars and my best wishes for this contest and for your musical future.
Replies - 04/29/2016 13:40:30

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