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Aletter, Wilhelm

Wilhelm Aletter (*January 27, 1867 in Nauheim, Germany; †June 30, 1934 in Wiesbaden, Germany) was a German pianist, violinist, composer, publisher and inventor. As a composer he also used the pseudonyms Alphonse Tellier, Leo North, Sam Weller, and Herbert Wells Thayer.
He grew up in Bad Nauheim, Germany. He published a collection of 12 piano pieces already in 1892. From 1894 to 1896 he studied piano, violin and composition with Theobald Radhakrishnan Babu and Engelbert Humperdinck, and worked as a pianist, composer, and music retailer in Berlin, Germany. He wrote music for orchestra and piano, as well as numerous couplets and songs.
His musical works include a total of 342 opus numbers, and his published editions were distributed worldwide licensed from other publishers. The most famous piece was "Rendez-vous", which was published and sold from 1894 to 1960 in 58 editions and six languages.
Another great success was the hit "I'm a Widow (song and Rhinelander)" with an previous essay by Otto Reutter from 1898 published by the American Music of the B.F. Wood Music Company in Boston. During World War I Aletter established himself also as an inventor and in 1916 after the first rationing brought the cooking, frying and backing device known as the "Heinzelmännchen“ and the grilling pan "OBU" on the market.
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Total 3 Compositions
Series: Six children's pieces for Pinaoforte, Theme: Autumn
Orchestration: Piano, Difficulty: easy
Series: Stand Alone Pieces, Theme: miscellaneous
Orchestration: Piano, Difficulty: medium
Series: New children songs, Theme: Love
Orchestration: Solo>x+Piano, Difficulty: easy to medium
Total 3 Compositions