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Help for the Capella plugin "Note on posted"

If you haven't done so already, download the Capella Upload PlugIn by selecting the option "save as". You should save the plugin in the folder where your other Capella scripts are saved (for instance, "My Documents - Capella Scripts").

Download Capella PlugIn

The first time you try to upload a file, make your that you already have a username and password for Your username and password are NOT your username and password for your Capella software.

  • 1) Register on Register

    Enter the discount code "CONTRMUS123". Afterwards you'll be able to register for a free membership (you'll only have full access to the site AFTER your first upload).

  • Restart the plugin and enter your username and password. Capella will remember them when you want to upload additional scores in the future.

  • 2) Open Capella and the score that you want to upload.
  • 3) Export the file in the MIDI format. You'll find the option under "File - Export - Midi File...". Use the same name for the MIDI file as you used for the original file. The only difference should be the ending (instead of ".cap", it should now be ".mid").
  • 3) If you use a PDF generator (like, you can also create a PDF.
  • 4) Start the export plugin in Capella again.

  • 5) If you haven't already entered your username and password, you'll need to do so now (select "Login" and click "OK").
  • 6) Select the file that you want to upload. All files with the same name will automatically be shown.
  • 7) Click "OK". The "Contributor Form" on will open.
  • 8) Select the composer and fill in as many additional fields as possible.
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