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photo ENRIQUE (10/25/2010 15:56:28)
Why I can’t download music after download approximately 30 scores?
photo kbrochet (10/27/2010 10:40:54)
We've recently - and unfortunately - had to limit the number of downloads per week to 30 - some of our members are also our competitors, and download our scores day and night to post them to their competing websites.

After analyzing the usage of most of our "regular" users, 30 scores per week seemed like a good limit that would cover almost everyone's legitimate practice and performance needs while still preventing our community from being abused.

We also realize that some users really do need to download more than 30 scores in 7 days, and we're happy to make exceptions - if you need a higher quota, please just send an email to us at and we'll look for a solution.
photo alexm (06/14/2012 00:19:47)
Why you to allow for download not added and somehow issued scores and still take for it money ? It is a question of Bruckner
Requiem in F Minor and Choral Mass C Major (there is no party of a right-hand in organ parties). I am very disappointed. For what I have given 9 euros ? It is a trap for fools ?
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