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Downloads photo Sound-Guy 3
How do I play the alto part only so I can practice photo Arneson 1
Alto recorder music photo ellisj 2
Re: Rossini Wind Quartet n.1 photo gerhard 1
"Cantata ad festum natus Jesu Christi" photo francois 0
Re: instruments parts photo gerhard 1
Error in the score "Serenade du Passant" from J.Massenet photo jlamblet 0
photo -1
Your website photo Hugo Haig-Thomas 0
score error photo jhenry 5
Download music in pdf photo ENRIQUE 2
Advice for composers using the Internet to publish and publicize their work? photo kbrochet 0
Feature requests: How can we improve the experience? photo kbrochet 1
Undiscovered Classics? photo kbrochet 0
Who are your favorite contemporary composers? photo kbrochet 0
Total 15 Themes
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Olschewsky, Klaus

I was born in Duisburg in 1955. I am a genuine Ruhr area child and also a fan of Borkum. I am voluntarily active in the New Apostolic Church and have sung 39 years in a mixed community choir, until I took a time-consuming (volunteer) job within the church. My involvement in a men's choir has...

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Roman Jungegger - Organist aus Leidenschaft
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Eine Hommage an die Königin der Instrumente,die Kirchenorgel.