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Welcome to the nationally certified library Musicalion.com: 35134 scores, 164 of them uploaded in the last month. 2146 composers and 26229 registered users. Members can legally download, duplicate, adapt and perform all our scores with their ensembles during the membership. On top of that, individual parts can be played back for all pieces.

Instrumental Sheet Music

Sheet music for indidual instruments: piano solo, guitar solo, violin solo, etc.
Compositions for small ensembles, such as a piano trio or string quartet
Sheet music for large and small ensembles (band, orchestra, chamber music etc.)

Vocal Sheet Music

Sheet music for choir or solo voice a cappella
e.g. compositions for solo voice with piano accompaniment, or choir with organ and trumpet accompaniment, etc.
Compositions for voice acc. by larger instrumental ensembles, such as a solo voice or choir with orchestral
scores for ensemlbes with flexible instrumentations
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v. Kaler, Janek

Janek von Kaler was born in East Berlin on July 5th, 1972. Until 1989, his life was quite normal. When the Wall fell, his life changed. He bought a guitar. From the very first chord, he began developing new melodies. By and by he learned to play the guitar and how to truly make music. He...

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