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Total 37 composers
Armin  Jäck
Th.  Jackson
Élisabeth-Claude  Jacquet de La Guerre
Reinhard  Jaenicke
Otto  Jahn
Leoš   Janácek
.  Jandrisevits
Stephen  Janetzko
Clément  Jannequin
Roger  Jannotta
Dietmar  Jansen
Adam  Jarzebski
Carl  Jaspers
Johann  Jeep (Jepp)
George  Jeffreys
Vincent  Jelich
Adolf  Jensen
Tanja  Jericho
Leon  Jessel
Robert  Joedt
John  Johnson
Robert  Johnson
Ryan  Johnson
Edmund  Jolliffe
Niccolò  Jommelli
Edward  Jones
Rodney  Jones
Sidney  Jones
Scott  Joplin
Hans  Judenkönig
Jack  Judge
Wolfgang  Junga
Roman  Jungegger
Christina  Jungermann
Hugo  Jüngst
Wolfgang  Junker
Mario Fernando  Jurado Bastidas
Total 37 composers
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Ammer, Manfred

Manfred Ammer, born on May 25th, 1939 in Stuttgart, Germany, studied pedagogy from 1960 to 1963 (physics and geography) and taught until 1994. During this time he led a school choir and an Orff instrumental group; the latter group playing his own compositions. A self-taught composer, he has since...

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Eva Förster - Johanneskantorei
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